Stressed? Relief is Just Around the Corner.

The family, the job, the house, the social events…the list goes on and on. How can we catch a break from all of these situations? How can we feel “back to normal”, whatever that may be for each of us? I have two favorite ways to de-stress; work out or get a massage.

Working out, for me, is my time to theoretically run away from my problems. Hitting the gym always helps me in one of two ways; ‘burn’ off the stress or reflect on whatever it is that is bothering me. I have found I feel less stressed after a good run verses weight lifting, but working out helps me reduce more mental stress than physical stress.

To help relieve my physical stress, nothing is better than a massage session at LaVida Massage. I begin to feel my stress lessen simply by booking my session. Just like going to the gym, my massage sessions are a great time for me to think about whatever is bothering me or stressing me out and try to work out a solution to those problems. I don’t always use my sessions to think though, sometimes it is best for me to just clear my mind and meditate for that hour while the massage therapist works out all of my knots.

Whatever may be stressing you out, a custom massage session may help to reduce your stress. Why not book your session today?