LaVida Massage Now Open to Colorado Springs Residents

LaVida Massage is happy to announce the opening of our new location in Colorado Springs, CO. We would like to cordially invite residents to come try out the benefits of Massage Therapy, in a relaxing, therapeutic, and gender neutral atmosphere. This location specializes in many types of massage therapy to suit everyone’s needs.

Massage therapy is associated with a multitude of benefits, that can improve in your overall wellness. Massage therapy can alleviate pain, ease tension, improve cardiovascular circulation, strengthen your immune system (especially during cold and flu season!), and provide you a relaxing opportunity to reconnect with your body and mind.

LaVida Massage of Colorado Springs is owned by Monique Walkes. Having served for 22 years in the United States Navy, Monique also has her Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management and Enterprise Information Systems. Monique is very eager to serve the Colorado Springs community and is looking forward to this new adventure.

Come see what you’ve been missing, and visit LaVida Massage of Colorado Springs, CO today!